The Main Types of Conveyor Belts

In the realm of material handling, the introduction of conveyor belts has forever changed the industry, establishing themselves as basic tools for the safe and efficient transportation of bulk materials. There are various types of conveyor belts that one may use, each differing in their design and capabilities to cater to specific operations. Nevertheless, most rely on two or more pulleys and a belt that moves on an endless loop. With a drive pulley, the belt is pulled along as side guide rollers maintain direction. In this piece, we will discuss the different types of conveyor belts that are the most common, allowing you to find a perfect fit for your operational needs.

General-Use Conveyor Belts

The most common types of conveyor belts that serve general applications come in the form of solid belts constructed from rubber, nylon, polyester, nitrile, or neoprene. It is important that the chosen material matches the application in question to avoid damage or inefficiency. As an example, a grocery store would take advantage of PVC belts, while an industry such as mining would require rubber conveyor belts.

Plastic Interlocking Conveyor Belts

When certain materials are being handled where the belt may require regular cleaning and replacement, plastic interlocking belts can be highly advantageous as compared to metal alternatives. Generally, these belts will be found in industries such as food handling, packing, and automotive manufacturing.

Woven Metal Conveyor Belts

With woven metal conveyor belts, interlinking chains or wiring are assembled together. These belts feature the ability for airflow to move through and around them, allowing for materials to be dried, heated, or cooled. As such, they are often used for food, glass, electronics, and other such materials. Generally, a woven metal conveyor belt will be specifically designed for a particular company to accommodate their individual needs and requirements.

Filter Belts

When one is moving materials that may have draining liquids such as water, chemicals, and other substances, filter belts are best. Typically, such assemblies are constructed from metal or synthetic fibers, allowing for excess liquids to pass through for the means of draining and filtering out substances. As a result of their use, filter belts are implemented within water treatment facilities, breweries, and chemical factories alike.

Hinged Belts

Hinged belts are a more simplistic type as compared to others, featuring interlocked hinges that are able to rotate around a pulley system. With a flat and solid surface, hinged belts are generally relied on for the means of transporting smaller products. Additionally, they are also commonly found in recycling applications for such processes.


When one is searching for the right belt for their needs, it is important that enough research is put in to ensure that operations can be carried out efficiently. If one attempts to utilize incompatible belts with their materials, one may face nonoptimal operations, increased wear and tear, or the outright failure of parts. When it comes time to begin sourcing the various conveyor belt parts and products that you require, let the experts at ASAP Components help you procure all you need with competitive pricing and rapid lead-times.

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