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Ncr Electronic Components & Part Numbers Catalog

    Part No Description QTY RFQ
    D370-0908-0100 windows embedded posready 2009 recovery media - for backup or RFQ
    1432-C105-0040 usb - type a usb RFQ
    1432-C340-0006 usb RFQ
    7892-K111 universal input - +12v output output power supply, north ame - RFQ
    MVF6996 underpart box, r1b RFQ
    NCR5385C253000-6 tube,dil48 RFQ
    NCR52C810 trays RFQ
    5964-K031 standard table top mount kit f or dynakey&touch screen (blk) - RFQ
    NCR26C256L-10 spl RFQ
    NC032186 sp RFQ
    53CF90A-1 CP04433 smd-plcc68 RFQ
    CE13257 smd-plcc68 RFQ
    NCR0391747 smd 64p. RFQ
    NCR0391328 smd 64p. RFQ
    26C256L-10 skl RFQ
    53C700 ship til 4pmest RFQ
    CPO2367 semiconductor RFQ
    53C94CP01718 semiconductor RFQ
    609-3400508 semiconductor RFQ
    D370-0930-0100 selfserv 60 (7409) - healthcar xp pro w/sp3 os recovery -avail RFQ
    2356-2208-0000 scan: symbol ls2208-sr20001r 0 to 17 inch range performance -a RFQ
    1432-C012-0025 scan: symbol cba-u03-s07zar us b cable (power plus conn) 7f -a RFQ
    1432-C002-0025 scan: symbol cba-u01-s07zar us b cable: series a connec 7ft -a RFQ
    D370-0882-0100 rp60 (7601) xp professional sp 3 os recovery software -availab RFQ
    7878-2001-9090-A41 rp high performance bi-optic s canner/scale release 2 -availab RFQ
    7878M512 rp high performance bi-optic s canner/scale release 2 -availab RFQ
    2181-3205-9090 rp fs cash drawer media sl ot 5bill 5coin till 3 pos lock RFQ
    7606M308 rp 82xrt core-i5 2400 diskless 2gb ddr3 80 plus gold charcoa - RFQ
    7616-1200-8801-A8 rp 72xrt base w/ dual-core g53 4gb ddr3, no hdd, no power cor RFQ
    7610M47 rp 25 intel atom dual core d25 50 2gb ddr3 no hdd char bezel RFQ
    7610M50 rp 25 intel atom dual core d25 50 2gb ddr3 no hdd char bezel RFQ
    742C083102JP res RFQ
    7403-K452 rear display universal mount a ssembly kit (for use with pol - RFQ
    7167-6021-9001 realpos multifunction prt rs232/usb, knife, micr -availabl RFQ
    7878M972 real pos high performance bi-o ptic scanner scale release 2 -a RFQ
    NCR53C700 qfp RFQ
    NCR0381249 pulls RFQ
    53C80 pulls RFQ
    1416-C879-0040 ptr; rs232 comm cable, 4m blk for 7140/7147/7152/7156/71 -avai RFQ
    1432-C404-0040 ptr; 24v power usb cable,4mete w/ ferrite beads, black,rohs. - RFQ
    1416-C879-0010 ptr: rs232 comm cable, 1m, blk for 7140/7147/7152/7156/71 -ava RFQ
    7167-6011-9001 ptr: receipt/slip printer dual rs232/usb micr,charcl,ser ii -a RFQ
    801-0013911 psu 120vac 2.4a 170w open RFQ
    497-0410545 promark 497-0410545 RFQ
    92C120 pqfp RFQ
    53C770 pqfp RFQ
    SP130016 pqfp RFQ
    HP18211872 pqfp RFQ
    NCR61289003 pqfp RFQ
    NCR61261002 pqfp RFQ
    NCR61291002 pqfp RFQ
    NCR89C105A pqfp RFQ
    NCR89C100 pqfp RFQ
    NCR92C120 pqfp RFQ
    NCR53C96 pqfp RFQ
    53CF962 pqfp RFQ
    NCR53C810 pqfp RFQ
    53C810A pqfp RFQ
    53C875J pqfp RFQ
    53C895 pqfp RFQ
    53C720 pqfp RFQ
    NCR53CF962 pqfp RFQ
    592-F103-0000 power supply RFQ
    1432-C046-0030 pos; 10/100 ethernet cable (an si compliant; 8-wire) -availabl RFQ
    92C901-0 plcc-64 RFQ
    83C11 plcc t/r RFQ
    92C902C plcc RFQ
    NCR53C94 plcc RFQ
    NCR92C392 plcc RFQ
    NCR53C90A plcc RFQ
    53C400A plcc RFQ
    NCR92C110C plcc RFQ
    NCR26C256L10 pdip RFQ
    NCR5385E pdip RFQ
    NCR5386 pdip RFQ
    NCR5380 pdip RFQ
    NCR53C80 pdip RFQ
    NCR53C8040 pdip RFQ
    497-0410549 pcbs 497-0410549 RFQ
    497-0410675 pcb RFQ
    NCT050C oscillator RFQ
    NTC450C nut driver. mag-inter. RFQ
    NCT650C nut driver. 6 mag-inter. RFQ
    86C05A-160QFP nn RFQ
    61289-003 nn RFQ
    NCR609-0390178 nn RFQ
    6-1005876 new RFQ
    6-0051079 new RFQ
    609-0391625 new RFQ
    92C03M network driver RFQ
    NC90C98A nc90c98a 1989 RFQ
    1432-C235-0046 mini-phone for audio device - 15 ft - 1 x mini-phone male audio RFQ
    1P00A515-01 lcd assembly pannel RFQ
    7610-K151 kit; realpos 25/50 3-track msr with biometric fingerprint rea RFQ
    497-0411382 inverter, used with lm12s49 RFQ
    497-0411382A inverter RFQ
    53C96 inventory r RFQ
    NCR45CG72-1 inventory r RFQ
    NCR89C105 inventory r RFQ
    NCR92C103M inventory r RFQ
    7600M67 intel atom dual-core 1.86 ghz - ddr3 sdram - 250 gb hdd sata - r RFQ
    609-3400512 int. circuit 84pl sym sr2 RFQ
    006 2005473T int. circuit RFQ
    NCR53C80-44PL in stk-tube-26 RFQ
    NCR90C26-40PD ic network-arcnet lan cntrlr 40p RFQ
    NCR53CF94-2 ic bus controller cmos plcc-84p RFQ
    NCR53C400 ic bus controller cmos plcc-68p RFQ
    6-1048051-D ic RFQ
    M146875 ic RFQ
    5381 ic RFQ
    944523-1 ic RFQ
    C017210PT ic RFQ
    609-3400565 ic RFQ
    006-1082081 ic RFQ
    6-1082081 ic RFQ
    609-3400475 ic RFQ
    143111-0001 ic RFQ
    M476938 ic RFQ
    M471523 ic RFQ
    609-3400321 ic RFQ
    CP01694 ic RFQ
    609-3400694 ic RFQ
    609-3400727 ic RFQ
    609-3400785 ic RFQ
    006-1082082 ic RFQ
    CM76790 ic RFQ
    53C80 NCR 609-3400 i.c. scsi control plcc-44 ( 53c80) RFQ
    DM7416N hex inverter RFQ
    1432-C191-0040 dvi for video device - 13.12 ft - dvi-d digital video - dvi-d di RFQ
    497-0426758 display-remote vfd 4x20,(7401/54) RFQ
    92C391 dip-24 RFQ
    5976-1200-9090 customer display - 2x20 led - charcoal no mountsno cable -avai RFQ
    CPO5721931 cpo572193 RFQ
    007-1680948 cp11496 RFQ
    4 12E 11 contact fiona for fast response RFQ
    497-0427556A compact flash card adapter RFQ
    HSRCVX3356B01 circuit board RFQ
    497-0411695A circuit board RFQ
    2186-6400-9090 black compact cash drawer w/us till kit, stainless steel fr -a RFQ
    1432-C156-0040 black RFQ
    5972-F103-0000 ac adaptor RFQ
    53CF90A1CP04433 95 RFQ
    83C10-52PL 9444 dc RFQ
    NCR0381206 91 RFQ
    NCT403A 9/32 x 4 inch slotted alumlumi RFQ
    DE-09STUCD1 9 pin d-sub socket. panel or p RFQ
    NCR-609-3400284 83c11 RFQ
    NCR83C10 83c10 RFQ
    7874M289 7874 midsize scanner/ scale 39 .9cm (15.7 inch) - imaging -ava RFQ
    006-8601700 72p-4mb fpm parity simm RFQ
    006-8601658 72p-32mb fpm simm RFQ
    7168-2023-9001 7168 2 sided thermal receipt p rinter w/slip, knife, micr, c - RFQ
    7168-2013-9001 7168 2 sided thermal receipptr micr, dual rs232/usb if,charcl RFQ
    7167-K511 7167/7197 75w ext. ps, incl us pwr cord rohs/meps, ccc 5000m - RFQ
    NCT420A 7/16 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT428C 7/16 nut driver. RFQ
    53C96A 66/tray RFQ
    NCR53C96A 66/tray RFQ
    006-8604882 64mb so dimm RFQ
    006-8603637 64mb pc100 144p 7454 RFQ
    6-80032 6-80032 RFQ
    NCT600A 6 mag. interchange driver. 1/ RFQ
    53C90B 53c90b-cpo6091 RFQ
    7197-5001-9001 52 lps mono - 203 dpi - usb - serial RFQ
    7197-6001-9001 52 lps mono - 203 dpi - usb - serial RFQ
    NCR7033 51 per RFQ
    NCT630C 5/8 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT617A 5/16 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT417A 5/16 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT404A 5/16 inch slotted aluminum scr RFQ
    006-860-3238 32mb simm RFQ
    NCT619A 3/8 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT627C 3/8 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT419A 3/8 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT427C 3/8 in. nut driver RFQ
    NCT615A 3/16 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT401A 3/16 x 4 in. slotted aluminum RFQ
    9078-0565 3.15 x 230 ft - 1.69 oz - 50 / carton RFQ
    006-3302450 2mb video RFQ
    7458-K233-V001 256mb ddr pc2100 RFQ
    NCR0380833 250 pc t/r RFQ
    7198-2003-9001 2-sided single station receipt printer; charcoal grey, 2 side RFQ
    006-3301351 168p-256mb fpm ecc buff dimm-8k RFQ
    1416-C972-0040 13.12ft - black RFQ
    006-8604881 128mb pc 133 so dimm RFQ
    007-9983332 120v 30 amps RFQ
    1416-C325-0030 110v ac RFQ
    NCT618A 11/32 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT626C 11/32 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT426C 11/32 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT418A 11/32 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT402A 1/4 x 4 in. slotted aluminum s RFQ
    NCT621A 1/2 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT629C 1/2 x 6 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT429A 1/2 nut driver. RFQ
    NCT421A 1/2 in. nut driver. RFQ
    NCR86C71PT **smt 66pcs/tray RFQ
    NCR26C64AL-10 **28pin dip RFQ
    NCR3400-13 NA RFQ
    613A NA RFQ
    61085057 NA RFQ
    61085140 NA RFQ
    61085541 NA RFQ
    53C96609-3400665 NA RFQ
    53C966093400665 NA RFQ
    53C96XR01588 NA RFQ
    NCR3400-13A NA RFQ
    015-46-3814 NA RFQ
    C251905 NA RFQ
    C252000 NA RFQ
    7610-K142 NA RFQ
    NCR53C400A NA RFQ
    NCR53C400A-68PL NA RFQ
    NCR53C700-160 NA RFQ
    NCR53C700-160QFP NA RFQ
    NCR53C80E NA RFQ
    NCR53C90A68PL NA RFQ
    NCR53C95 NA RFQ
    NCR5380PD NA RFQ
    NCR5381 NA RFQ
    NCR5381PD NA RFQ
    NCR5385 NA RFQ
    NCR-5385C251905 NA RFQ
    NCR-5386C207993PT NA RFQ
    NCR90C26 NA RFQ
    7600-K021 NA RFQ
    7600-K301 NA RFQ
    7600-K320 NA RFQ
    NCR83C10CP-02 NA RFQ
    NCR83C10CP-03 NA RFQ
    NCR52212 NA RFQ
    NCR6093400260 NA RFQ
    NCR72C81 NA RFQ
    006-0085109 NA RFQ
    53C90 A NA RFQ
    53C90 HR 68PGA NA RFQ
    53C9068PL NA RFQ
    53C90-44PL NA RFQ
    53C90-68PL NA RFQ
    53C90-CQ06440 NA RFQ
    53C90-PULLS NA RFQ
    53C908-SE NA RFQ
    53C90A NA RFQ
    53C90A-68PL NA RFQ
    53C81 NA RFQ
    53C810 NA RFQ
    53C810-100QFP NA RFQ
    53C810100QFP NA RFQ
    NCR92C03M NA RFQ
    U184097 NA RFQ
    NCR006-2005032 NA RFQ
    NCR006-2005751C NA RFQ
    NCR008-0212946 NA RFQ
    NCR-0381160 NA RFQ
    NCR-0381161 NA RFQ
    53C810PT NA RFQ
    53C815 NA RFQ
    53C81CG20363PT NA RFQ
    53C820 NA RFQ
    53C820-144QFP NA RFQ
    53C820PT NA RFQ
    53C825 NA RFQ
    53C82 NA RFQ
    53C825-160QFP NA RFQ
    53C90A-ET NA RFQ
    53C90A-ZT NA RFQ
    53C720SE NA RFQ
    53C730 NA RFQ
    53C80 NCR 609-3400443 NA RFQ
    53C80NCR NA RFQ
    53C80-40 34 NA RFQ
    53C80-40 DC8934 NA RFQ
    53C80-4034 NA RFQ
    53C80-40CP NA RFQ
    53C80-44QFP NA RFQ
    53C80-48PD 48P NA RFQ
    2AD6-0001 NA RFQ
    IC-5041-SP1 NA RFQ
    JGH-0391341 NA RFQ
    NCM21X7R473K50TR NA RFQ
    61082073 NA RFQ
    61082081 NA RFQ
    53C8040 NA RFQ
    53C80C25867460934002 NA RFQ
    53C80CP NA RFQ
    53C80S NA RFQ
    53C69A NA RFQ
    53C400A-68 NA RFQ
    53C400A609-0391290 NA RFQ
    53C400A6090391290 NA RFQ
    53C710 NA RFQ
    53C710 160QFP NA RFQ
    53C710-1 NA RFQ
    53C710-1-160QFP NA RFQ
    0080061506 NA RFQ
    381586 NA RFQ
    S476061 NA RFQ
    CP21965 NA RFQ
    CP219656 NA RFQ
    380228 NA RFQ
    380231 NA RFQ
    006-0125020 NA RFQ
    006-0130001 NA RFQ
    53C7101 NA RFQ
    53C710160QFP NA RFQ
    53C710609-3400546 NA RFQ
    53C710PT NA RFQ
    53C400NCR NA RFQ
    53C406A NA RFQ
    61340-001 NA RFQ
    61340001 NA RFQ
    006-0085064 NA RFQ
    006-0085072 NA RFQ
    0391597 NA RFQ
    PCA3651GCG613340 NA RFQ
    53C700-160QFP NA RFQ
    007-9961268 NA RFQ
    007-9961397 NA RFQ
    007-9961477 NA RFQ
    007-9961877 NA RFQ
    XR01509 NA RFQ
    W5514 NA RFQ
    547925 NA RFQ
    53C700-66 NA RFQ
    53C70060P340670 NA RFQ
    53C700609-3400670 NA RFQ
    53C70066 NA RFQ
    53C700PT NA RFQ
    53C400 NA RFQ
    53C400 NCR NA RFQ
    80212417A NA RFQ
    006-0051247 NA RFQ
    006-0051273 NA RFQ
    006-0051292 NA RFQ
    006-0051371 NA RFQ
    006-0051372 NA RFQ
    006-0051383 NA RFQ
    2401-03T NA RFQ
    2055 NA RFQ
    CP17046 NA RFQ
    M156890 NA RFQ
    M153393 NA RFQ
    006-0085204 NA RFQ
    011100156K E2 NA RFQ
    011100156KH3C50043 NA RFQ
    011100156K-EZ NA RFQ
    CP15691 NA RFQ
    CP15691006 NA RFQ
    80207559 NA RFQ
    8020-7101 NA RFQ
    8020-7114 NA RFQ
    20C12 NA RFQ
    DMA111 NA RFQ
    CP13787 NA RFQ
    CP13966609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP16962609-3700556 NA RFQ
    C207993PT NA RFQ
    2D511-2 NA RFQ
    20C12PLCC NA RFQ
    CP1413PT NA RFQ
    86C70 NA RFQ
    86C71 NA RFQ
    86C71-PT NA RFQ
    M150127 NA RFQ
    124420-001 NA RFQ
    CP15121 NA RFQ
    CICD75102 NA RFQ
    C002607PT609-340031 NA RFQ
    C002607PT609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CR09165 NA RFQ
    86C71PT NA RFQ
    M15146 NA RFQ
    M147964 NA RFQ
    M148054 NA RFQ
    1820-5640 NA RFQ
    CP12438 NA RFQ
    CP12583 NA RFQ
    M149463 NA RFQ
    61005876 NA RFQ
    CICI12401 NA RFQ
    CICI14201X1 NA RFQ
    NRP02-C12DH-S NA RFQ
    NRP02-C24DH-S NA RFQ
    NRP05-A12DH-S NA RFQ
    NRP0600885 NA RFQ
    NRP11-A12D-S NA RFQ
    NRP14-A12DH-S NA RFQ
    NRP14-A24DH-S NA RFQ
    NRP16-C24D-S NA RFQ
    74ALS1003AN NA RFQ
    339-0001-000A NA RFQ
    170012519 NA RFQ
    CGMA7280 NA RFQ
    CGMA7280C475792 NA RFQ
    86C05 NA RFQ
    86C05 Q00194 NA RFQ
    86C05A NA RFQ
    86C05A-160 NA RFQ
    65C02 NA RFQ
    061611-0 NA RFQ
    65C02A NA RFQ
    006-0071186 NA RFQ
    70D881-001 NA RFQ
    SA500P16 NA RFQ
    11653-001 NA RFQ
    11653-006 NA RFQ
    11653-009 NA RFQ
    0391461 NA RFQ
    C958731 NA RFQ
    C959180 NA RFQ
    C9047386-085057 NA RFQ
    C9049546-1085057 NA RFQ
    C904992609-3400314 NA RFQ
    C904993609-3400314 NA RFQ
    C9050776-1085057 NA RFQ
    C905079 NA RFQ
    C9050796-1085057 NA RFQ
    C9051386-1085057 NA RFQ
    C905552 NA RFQ
    C905598 NA RFQ
    C905615 NA RFQ
    C905875 NA RFQ
    C905918 NA RFQ
    C905921 NA RFQ
    C906021609-3400314 NA RFQ
    C906109609-3400314 NA RFQ
    C906500 NA RFQ
    C907458 NA RFQ
    C907497 NA RFQ
    C9075486-1085057 NA RFQ
    C9076266-1085057 NA RFQ
    C907631 NA RFQ
    C907666 NA RFQ
    C907965 NA RFQ
    C908205 NA RFQ
    C908215PT NA RFQ
    C908215PT609-340024 NA RFQ
    C908215PT609-3400246 NA RFQ
    C908785 NA RFQ
    C909435609-3400314 NA RFQ
    0062001328 NA RFQ
    CP09379609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP09431 NA RFQ
    CP09431609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP09436609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP09460 NA RFQ
    CP09487 NA RFQ
    CP09490 NA RFQ
    CP09490609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP09579 NA RFQ
    CP09727 NA RFQ
    CP09853609-3400314 NA RFQ
    CP09894609-3400475 NA RFQ
    86C05Q00194 NA RFQ
    M146461 NA RFQ
    6-96007 NA RFQ
    41H8454 NA RFQ
    20-290052-0 NA RFQ
    CP11496-007 NA RFQ
    CP11496007-168094 NA RFQ
    CP11496007-1680948 NA RFQ
    CICD63705 NA RFQ
    L42000480000 NA RFQ
    NRG51-2C24D-T NA RFQ
    NRG52-2C12D-T NA RFQ
    NRG52-2C220A-P NA RFQ
    NRG52-4C12D-T NA RFQ
    750-107-R50K NA RFQ
    65C22 NA RFQ
    65C22609-0371923 NA RFQ
    CIC77C22E NA RFQ
    M-450319 NA RFQ
    6-7502 NA RFQ
    6-7505 NA RFQ
    6-7508 NA RFQ
    6-7814 NA RFQ
    6-7832 NA RFQ
    6-7835 NA RFQ
    6-80064 NA RFQ
    6-80074 NA RFQ
    K326A42478-0002 NA RFQ
    TP4 33B NA RFQ
    CP10707 NA RFQ
    0111002A NA RFQ
    86C01609-3400462 NA RFQ
    6-51301 NA RFQ
    6-51351 NA RFQ
    6-51379 NA RFQ
    6-51380 NA RFQ
    6-51383 NA RFQ
    6-51388 NA RFQ
    6-51403 NA RFQ
    53CF90A-1CP04433 NA RFQ

    ASAP Semiconductor's Certifications and Memberships

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    FAA 0056 B Accredited
    Cage Code 6RE77
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