Parts of an Airplane

We often take it for granted, but airplanes are truly one of the most impressive advancements in engineering history. From the Wright Brothers’ first plane made primarily of spruce wood to Airbus’s massive double-deck A380, airplanes have changed quite a bit — especially when you compare the simple design of the Wright Flyer to the double-deck, wide-body, four-engine design of the A380, a plane so massive that it took 1,500 companies from 30 countries to manufacture it’s 4 million individual parts. And yet, despite the obvious difference between the Wright Flyer and the A380, some things haven’t really changed: the basic shape of an airplane. Whether you’re flying in a massive Airbus A380, a regular Boeing 737, or an antique WWII fighter plane, there’s the same basic five sections: the fuselage, wings, engines, cockpit, and landing gear.

  • The fuselage is the main body of the plane that connects almost all of the other sections into a balanced symmetrical unit. This is where the passengers sit, and the cargo is held.
  • The wings protrude from both sides of the fuselage. They work with the stabilizers and integral flight-control surfaces like the flaps, ailerons, rudder, slats, and spoilers to form and change the airfoil such that the pilot can fly the airplane.
  • The engines are mounted either to the wings or to the rear sides of the fuselage. They propel airplanes to gather speed to take off, gain altitude, and maintain altitude and velocity while cruising.
  • At the front is the cockpit, where the pilots sit and fly the airplane. Modern cockpits include many different flight instruments that provide navigational, operational, safety, and communications information to the crew in real time.
  • And at the bottom of the fuselage, is the retractable landing gear. The landing gear has a front gear strut with two side-by-side wheels and two to four bogeys with two to six wheels each; each wheel has hydraulic disc brakes.

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